Toronto Ontario Player Skill

Development Camp

TOPS volleyball academy was established in 2008 with the intention of providing athletes a unique training atmosphere focused on improving their skills and volleyball education.

T.O.P.S stands for Toronto Ontario Player Skill development camps. The academy has grown to now offer specialized training camps for setters and liberos and weekly Personalized Training programs throughout the OVA season.

“I’ve designed TOPS to complement the club season. I let the coaches focus on teaching their athletes how to win… and I offer athletes further opportunity to develop and hone their skills.”

Jeff Chung
TOPS Volleyball Academy

Our Mission

With a strong focus on and in support of the Volleyball Canada LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) model, TOPS volleyball’s mission is to provide an elite training experience centered around two main stages: ‘Training to Train’ and ‘Learning to Compete’ phases.
(Long Term Athlete Development)

TOPS provides programs for both boys and girls, ages 13–18.

As one of our athlete’s, TOPS Academy will provide you with a training atmosphere designed to improve the technical, tactical and mental aspects of your game. Ultimately, we strive to take you to the next level of play and help you to achieve your maximum potential. It is our mission to assist you in developing the necessary skills to be a part of the OVA’s high performance programs and OCAA or CIS Varsity programs.